What’s A Corso?

I realize that there may be a good portion of our visitors who may’ve stopped by the blog just to find out what the heck a Corso is, and we are glad to have those visitors as well!  Welcome to our blog!

The Cane Corso (pronounced “kah-nay korso“) is a breed of dog native to Italy.  It dates back to ancient Roman times when it accompanied Roman soldiers into battle.  More recently the Cane Corso is a working dog, utilized on farms to guard livestock and in homes to guard their families as well as a housepet.  They are a large, multi-purpose dog of the Molosser family of canines, more athletic in build than other Mastiffs.  They are wonderful companions, diligent workers and devoted to family.

Cane Corsos were only recently accepted into the AKC and are relatively new to the United States, having been introduced in the 1980’s.  They are not a dog for the novice owner and should be trained in Obedience from puppyhood and socialized heavily.  With firm yet loving guidance they are a joy; very smart, quiet in the house and quick learners.

Sassy, 8 mos
Rama’s first time out–Winners Bitch & a 4-pt Major
Rama being shown in early 2012
Guido, the USA’s first Cane Corso police K9 officer
With natural tail and ears.  Source:  Wikipedia
You can read more about the history of this noble breed here:http://www.canecorso.org/history.html

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