The Fridge

This is our online equivalent to the kitchen refrigerator, where photos, awards and drawings are displayed proudly for all to see.  This will be a companion page to our Guest Blogger Series, Canines In The Kitchen.  If you have canines in your kitchen and would like to share a photo with us, please email us at to be featured!  Don’t forget to send all pertinent info (your name or photographer name if a professional photo, dog’s age, breed, short back story, links) so we can include it and give you proper photo credit.

You may see a few “dogs” here that don’t look like dogs at all.  Well, that’s ok.  We’ve made them “honorary dogs.”  Because we roll like that.

Don’t forget to grab the button on our home page to show your dog is on The Fridge!

Leo, a Presa Canario loved by Jessica

Roxy, beloved cat of Maria

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