Meet The Dogs


Rama, me, Sassy


Rama was my first Corso.  She was born November of 2010 and came to me during a difficult time.  She has been a source of great joy.  She’s affectionate and sweet, very gentle with the kids and has been the easiest pup I’ve ever had the pleasure of raising.  She loves sleeping, running and bread.  She is a certified Therapy Dog.  You can read more about her on my other blog Walks With Rama.

Sassy is full of piss and vinegar, a bouncy girl who loves to play and loves to please.  She loves Duplo blocks and showing people her toys.  She is also a certified Therapy Dog.

Cairo is currently the youngest pup here.  She is a Czech import born 9-11-2013.  We call her Hurricane Cairo because she frequently leaves destruction in her wake.  She loves digging holes, stealing food off of counters and belly rubs.









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Want to see more of the dogs?  They each have their own blogs!  Check them out and follow today!

Sassy’s Slobber Chronicles

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