Cucumber Mint Water





The first time I ever had this was on a trip to San Francisco.  My sister and I were in a cute little place down in the Haight for lunch, sitting on their back patio when the waiter brought us a pitcher of water with mint leaves and fresh cucumber floating around in it.  Our eyes were wide and we both let out an audible “ooooh” after we took the first sips of this fabulous concoction.

I am not a huge water drinker.  I force myself to drink lots of it because it is good for me.  I like some brands more than others.  My husband swears that water is water, but let me tell you, it is not.  I can see his eyes rolling now, so to that I say:







Whatever makes water easier for me to get down, I’m all about that.  Cucumbers–along with being cool and refreshing–have anti-inflammatory properties.  Mint has long been recognized as being able to settle the stomach and aid in digestion (it is the only thing that helps my motion sickness), plus it tastes good and adds that bit of flavor that water so lacks.

It’s very simple to make.  Just get yourself a cucumber and some fresh mint, slicing the cucumber into thin slices, I would add 1-15 to a regular-sized pitcher along with 5-7 mint leaves.  You can add more or less according to taste or the size of the pitcher you use.  Allow it to sit in the refrigerator for a while before drinking so the flavors can infuse into the water.  If you just can’t wait, you can slice or rip up the mint leaves.




You can also add lemon slices to this.  Oh man, the yum!  So refreshing!  I have to say, it’s been much easier for me to drink my goal amount of water each day.  I think I need to take a glass on out to my hammock.

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