Our New Look & Catching Up

Well, I’ve gone and fiddled with the blog again.  It really needed some sprucing up.  The blog has been needing some attention for a while, so today I decided to clean it up, give it a new face and play catch-up.  I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d updated our “About Me” section!  We were still waiting for baby Bellona!  Yikes!  Bellona is now 17 mos old.  She did not work out as a show dog so she is now living the life as a pet.  Her new family lives in Texas.

Rama is now a Champion, going on 4 years old and we are waiting to see if she is pregnant.   Sassy is also a Champion (she was a pup when we started this blog) and going on 3 years old.  Cairo wasn’t even thought of yet but she is here now–a bouncing baby girl that slobbers on everything (including me) and whose spunk and vigor cannot be contained.

(That’s just a fancy wordy way of saying she’s an escape artist and a rotten turd.)

They are still in the kitchen with me and I am still on a journey to find the joy in cooking as much as in eating.


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