Our site has moved.  Our new site is located here
You will notice to the upper left you have the option to view this site in several different views.  We feel the Magazine view is the best way to enjoy our site.
If you have any issues navigating the site do let us know.  Our About Me, Blog Archive, Feed and Subscribe By Mail sections are to the far right.  Simply hover over the dark bar (directly to the right of this post) at the right of the site to access these areas.
Thank you.  I hope you will be a regular visitor here and become our good friend as we share what it’s like Raising Rama.

71 responses to “WE HAVE MOVED!

  1. thank so much for the follow! I LOVE your site. There is so much information here. You've done a lovely job with it. I didn't see a google follow, so I subscribed via email 8-). I'll follow you on facebook as well. 😎 Looking forward to getting to know you and Rama!

  2. I'm enjoying your site and have recently switched to the Magazine View…I wondered if others had problems with navigation and I see your questions and concerns are paramount to you as well….I just may devout a post to this very same area! Have a great weekend!Sophie's Ron

  3. Thank you so much for coming by and for following! We do have several options for following. You can follow us on GFC but you would have to look us up manually. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for telling me this. I always view it in Magazine, tho I have switched around to see what it looks like to others. I think it is best viewed in Magazine. I will make mention of this in my welcome posting. THANK YOU for mentioning it & thanks for coming by! Have a great weekend!

  5. We totally agree with all the comments about the drawing. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and visiting us. We enjoy meeting new furiends and we will stop by from time to time and visit you and hopefully you will visit us again…TailwagsErnie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas, and Rosie

  6. Hi, thank you for stopping by my turtle’s blog 🙂
    I really like your theme, looks neat…and that black and white photo is stunning

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