Announcing–Guest Bloggers & The Fridge!

We have lots going on lately, and though my surgery has kept me from cooking as much as normally do, I am enjoying reading all the cooking blogs and wonderful recipes posted by our blogging friends.   I began to wonder how many of you have dogs at your feet while you’re in your kitchens (and I’d be willing to bet that many of you do), so I am very excited to announce that A Corso In The Kitchen is now accepting guest postings!  Share your recipes and your canine cooking companions on our blog!  For guest blogging rules, please visit our Canines In The Kitchen page.   For each guest blogger we have, we will display their blog’s button on our sidebar for one month!

We Want Your Dog On Our Fridge!

Don’t have a cooking-related blog or a recipe to share but have canines in the kitchen, anyway?  Share your photos with us and we will post them on The Fridge, our online version of the beloved kitchen backdrop on which photos and drawings are proudly displayed.  Include your info (dog’s name, breed, age, short back story) and any links (your blog, facebook page, twitter page, etc) that you would like to add.  Our only requirement is that you grab our button and display it on your blog.

So bring on the recipes and the photos!  We can’t wait to see what everyone’s cooking up and just who is at your feet while you’re doing it.

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