Caprese Salad

This is not only quick, but nice to look at and delicious, too!  I’ve done a few variations of this, but this version was my husband’s contribution to our lamb dinner the other night.  All you need for this dish are:

*campari tomatoes

*fresh mozzarella

*fresh baby spinach

*black currant balsamic

Currants go wonderfully with lamb, so I use this balsamic as a tie in to the lamb dish.  Can’t find black currant balsamic?  This is where we get ours.  Their selection is incredible.  We’ve not been disappointed yet!  If you’re nearby, stop in for a tasting.

Assembly of this dish is very simple.  Just arrange a bed of the baby spinach leaves and arrange the tomatoes and cheese however you like.  Sprinkle with the balsamic and you’re ready to add some zest to any meal or enjoy it as a meal in itself!

“Hey, I like tomatoes and cheese…”
















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