Post #1

Few things bring comfort like food and dogs.  I don’t know about you, but I am all for some comfort.  In our society we are all about rushing around, and if you’re a mom like myself, your whole life can be a blur.  I try to find the joy in what I can, and after having a mastectomy and several reconstructive surgeries this past summer, I am certainly trying to appreciate things a little more.

I know from personal experience how difficult (and boring) planning dinners for your family can be sometimes.  I have a love/hate relationship with food and though I love nourishing my family, the prep and actual process of cooking (let’s not even mention the cleaning up afterward) can seem too much like work sometimes.

Then there’s everyone and everything that’s under your feet–kids, dogs, cats, legos, what-have-you.  It’s like running an obstacle course and feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast sometimes, folks.  My constant kitchen companions include my dogs, ever curious about what’s cooking.  I have many (gajillions of) photos of them sniffing at the counters, lying at (or on) my feet, their big sad hangy faces staring pitifully up at me as if they are starving to death. An example:



I’ve decided to put these photos along with recipes both new, tried and true into this blog in the hopes that I can get a little more excited about cooking and perhaps inspire someone else to try a new recipe or share one.  We all get in a rut.  We are all tripping over everything to get through our days.  Here’s to having some fun while doing it.  Won’t you join me?

(Whew!  Post One–over and out!)

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